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Crafting Alternate Realities:

Elevating Players’ Experiences


Eclipse Engine

The core of Erisom Labs, is set to revolutionize our upcoming games, scheduled for full deployment by Q2 2025. As a cutting-edge game engine, Eclipse combines a dynamic plugin framework and GPU-based rendering for unmatched flexibility and performance. It’s not just a tool; it’s the cornerstone upon which our future games will be built. Eclipse signifies our unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries, ensuring each game becomes a beacon of innovation in the gaming landscape. Brace yourself for a new era of gaming experiences, where Eclipse powers every adventure with unparalleled precision and imagination.

Welcome to Erisom Labs, where imagination transcends reality. Our mission is to craft extraordinary, believable worlds, unlike anything you’ve experienced. With our unique technology, we invite you to dive into these meticulously created universes, each a doorway to adventure and wonder. Step into our realms and embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every moment is a thrilling discovery. Welcome to the extraordinary – welcome to the Eclipse.

Anansi Gems: The Currency of Legends

Discover the magic of Anansi Gems, Erisom Labs’ exclusive in-game currency, inspired by the legendary wisdom of Anansi, the African folklore spider. These precious gems weave together the art of storytelling with the thrill of gaming, unlocking a world of enchantment and adventure in each of our games. As versatile as they are valuable, Anansi Gems bridge the realms of myth and reality, offering you a unique key to unlock extraordinary experiences across the Erisom universe. Embrace the legend, and let your journey begin with Anansi Gems.

Working at Erisom Labs